Listen to Hot Boy Turk's "F*ck How It Turn Out" Remix f/ Kodak Black and Lil Wayne

It's a remix of a remix.

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Hot Boy Turk is back with another remix of  “Fuck How It Turn Out.”

A while after the original record dropped, the Louisiana rapper unleashed an updated version of it featuring Kodak Black. It was a solid reworking that brought more attention to the tape; however, Turk wasn’t quite finished. This week, the original member of Cash Money’s Hot Boys delivered a remix of the remix, featuring Kodak and his longtime friend Lil Wayne.

You can listen to the track, which was produced by DJ Swift and Dubba-AA, up top or below via Soundclound.

Though they recently linked up on the Project Baby 2 cut “Codeine Dreaming,” Kodak and Wayne haven’t always been on the best of terms. The beef apparently started back in October of 2016, when Weezy claimed he was unfamiliar with the new generation of rap stars, like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kodak. The 20-year-old Florida rapper apparently took offense to the comments and began taking shots at Wayne via social media. At one point, he even challenged Wayne to a fight, which prompted Turk to speak up.

“Man I keep gettin’ all these inboxes and shit about these rapper fight shit,” Turk said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “Man I fuck with Kodak Black, but c’mon man, y’all already know. Ain’t no nigga fucking with Wayne when it comes to this motherfuckin’ pen game. Ain’t no nigga fuckin’ with Wayne. This shit been going on since we were young niggas, dawg. Wayne always was the type of nigga, when a nigga was druggin’ and thuggin,’ Wayne was focused. Don’t get me wrong, Kodak, I fuck with your shit, but I’m giving the heads up ... Dead that shit. We don’t need no more beef going on, period.”

His words apparently had an effect. 

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