Lil Wayne Addresses Suicide Attempt on 'Tha Carter V'

The New Orleans rapper shed more light on his self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne

One of the many topics addressed in Tha Carter V was the time Lil Wayne sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound when he was just a child. The New Orleans rapper previously claimed the incident was accidental; however, in Solange’s 2016 track “Mad,” Wayne sparked speculation that the shooting was a suicide attempt.

Wayne confirmed the theories Thursday night, in Tha Carter V’s closing cut “Let It All Work Out.” The track samples Sampha's song "Indecision."  

At the 3:45 mark, Wayne raps:

I shot it, and I woke up with blood all around me
It’s mine, I didn’t die but as I was dying
God came to my side and we talked about it
He sold me another life and he made a prophet

Wayne's mother, Jacida Carter, also mentions the suicide attempt in the album's penultimate track, "Used 2," stating: "I still don't know today. Was he playing with the gun or was it an accident I still ... I just don't I ... I be wanting to ask him but I never asked him after all these years. Was that a accident or did he... or was he playing with the gun? So I never really found out about what—you know, what happ- what really happened with him and that shooting."

In a recent interview with Billboard, Young Money President Mack Maine revealed Wayne would address his suicide attempt in Tha Carter V

"He just told me one day that he was ready to address it now," Main said. "Just being an adult, reaching a level of maturity and comfort where it’s like, 'I want to talk about this because I know a lot of people out here might be going through that.'"

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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