Kodak Black Says Voting Out Trump Was the 'Worst' Thing America Could've Done

The Florida-born rapper made the comment during a recent appearance on 'Full Send Podcast.' The former president pardoned Black on his last day in office.

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Kodak Black is still Team Donald Trump.

During a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, the 24-year-old rapper expressed disappointment over the 2020 presidential race, in which Joe Biden defeated the Republican incumbent. 

“Getting rid of Trump is the worst thing America could’ve did, you hear me?” Kodak said at the 16:35 minute mark. 

The rapper, who has become one of hip-hop’s most ardent MAGA supporters, said he was “forever indebted” to the former president, who granted Kodak clemency during his last day in office. At that time, Kodak—legal name Bill Kapri—was serving a nearly four-year jail sentence for making false statements to purchase a firearm. He was among 143 individuals who received a pardon or clemency from Trump on Jan. 21, 2021.

Kodak told the hosts he had learned about Trump’s decision before it was announced, but chose to keep it a secret because he feared his fellow inmates would get upset and potentially harm him.

“I knew it was going down. I was keeping it to myself ’cause I was in the pin,” he explained. “Like, a lot of people died around me in the pin … So it was like, I ain’t finna let people know that [a pardon was coming].”

Since his release, Kodak has continued to praise Trump for granting him clemency. Not only has he rocked MAGA- and Trump-branded gear, he also released a track called “Last Day In,” in which he name drops the former POTUS: “Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money,” he rapped. “All that hate and prejudice has become evident to me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kodak spoke about the pay gap between tour shows and festival gigs, saying they latter was much more lucrative. 

“Tour is straight, but it’s, like, you don’t make as much money as you do when you do your one-off shows, like festivals and all that,” he said (25:30). “I charge $300K for a show, but for a tour, they’ll be like $100[K] each show date, so it’s like, ‘Man, I’m missing out on my real bag!’ But you gotta have tour history.”

Kodak, who is fresh off the release of his Back For Everything project, also touched on his interest in bitcoin, returning to his hood, and welcoming another child this summer.

You can check out the full interview above.

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