Gamers Are Convinced a Travis Scott 'Fortnite' Concert Is Happening Soon

New leaks suggest Scott will headline the next 'Fortnite' in-game performance.

Travis Scott

Image via Getty/Gary Miller

Travis Scott

ASTROWORLD meets Fortnite? It might just happen.

This weekend, a number of gaming publications pointed to a series of leaks that suggest Travis Scott will headline a Fortnite in-game concert. GameRant reports data-miners previously found since-deleted files associated with the Houston rapper, including a cosmetic set and a potential Scott skin.

Players have now come across more clues that have fueled speculation about a La Flame x Fortnite collaboration. These include a file with an in-game event codenamed "Jerky"—the same name used for the Marshmello Fortnite concert and Season X's The End. Others have also shared images of posters that hint at some kind of music event on Sweaty Sands.

Gamers have also reported seeing a purple-pinkish mass high in the sky east of the map. Leakers managed to decrypt the texture and audio files associated with the "Jerky" event, and have provided a closer look at the glowing object, which appears to be occupied by a carnival/amusement park. Furthermore, the audio sounds a lot like Scott's ASTROWORLD track "Highest in the Room."

Epic Games has yet to announce the next Fortnite in-game concert, but the slew of leaks and clues may have confirmed the Houston rapper will make an appearance.

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