G Herbo and Taina Williams Are Expecting Their Second Child

The 23-year-old model/influencer announced her second pregnancy via Instagram on Friday. She and Herbo welcomed their first child back in May.

G Herbo and Taina Williams attend the All Black Birthday Celebration at Gold Room

Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage

G Herbo and Taina Williams attend the All Black Birthday Celebration at Gold Room

G-Herbo and Taina Williams have a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

On Friday afternoon, Williams took to Instagram to announce she was expecting her second child with the Chicago rapper. The model/influencer shared the news with video montage that included a FaceTime call with her longtime boyfriend.

“I’m feelin’ like a should vlog this because I think this may be a thing ...” she tells the camera while holding a Clear Blue pregnancy test box. 

The video then cuts to Williams calling Herbo on the phone.

“I have something to show you,” Williams she says before holding up the test stick. 

Herbo appeared a little confused for a few seconds, but immediately began smiling after realizing the purpose of the call.

We then see footage from an ultrasound appointment and the couple celebrating the holidays with their baby boy, Essex William Wright. Herbo and Williams welcomed the child back in May, about two years after they began dating.

Herbo, who re-shared the video on his Instagram account, spoke about his relationship during a podcast interview back in April.

“I ain’t go lie, to be honest, I feel like, I really feel like opposites attract in a way,” he told the Million Dollaz Worth of Game hosts. “… [William’s] just pure, through and through. You know what I’m sayin’? She not afraid to like, express her feelings, tell me how she feel about stuff. Even when it’s like, I don’t understand it all the time, she’ll tell me something where I feel like she kinda like, dissin’ me a little bit. But she really ain’t, she tellin’ me something that really build me. She really makes me feel like a man, like complete,” he added. “I’m at comfort when I’m at the crib. She take care of home. If I ain’t have no girl, bro, I’d be really livin’ like, crazy. I probably wouldn’t have no furniture at my crib.”

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