The not-always great relationship between Drake and his father has been a theme in Drake's music throughout the years. On "The Calm" from his breakthrough mixtape So Far Gone, he expressed doubts about his father's intentions regarding his fame: "He say he love me, I just hope he doesn't say that shit in vain."

On "Fireworks" from his debut album, Thank Me Later Drake expressed acceptance but also wariness: "Everything's the same, but it feels different/My dad called me up knowing that I still listen/And he's still got his foot out, guilt tripping/It's been years, though, I just learn to deal with it."

Judging by the video, the tour, and the trips to the strip club, it's obvious the two have mended their relationship. And Drake even raps about it on his new album, Nothing Was the Same, on his song with Jhené Aiko, "From Time": "Just me and my old man getting back to basics/We been talking 'bout the future and the time that we wasted..." 

(It's okay if you don't go to strip clubs with your dad. In fact, it might be better that way.)