Drake's "Toosie Slide" Reportedly Sets Huge TikTok Record

Sources say the #ToosieSlide hashtag reached one billion views much faster than the previous record holder: the Kylie Jenner-inspired #RiseandShine.


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To no one's surprise, Drake's "Toosie Slide" is blowing up on TikTok, so much so that he has reportedly set a new record on the video-sharing platform.

According to TMZ, sources at TikTok say the #ToosieSlide hashtag was able to garner one billion views in just the matter two days—marking "the fastest music trend" to hit the 10-figure milestone on the popular app. The outlet reports the hashtag has since received a total of three billion, emphasizing that the figure was strictly for "#ToosieSlide related content," and not the original clip Drizzy had used to tease the track late last month.

TikTok said the Kylie Jenner-inspired #RiseandShine was the first hashtag to get one billion views on the app back in October. But, again, the views weren't for a single post; they were the total views garnered by all the #RiseandShine content, such as parody videos.

"Toosie Slide" hit streaming services in early April, igniting another dance craze. The track was reminiscent of the line dance staple "Cha-Cha Slide," as it included dance instruction that almost anyone could follow: "It go right foot up, left foot, slide/Left foot up, right foot, slide," Drake directs. "Basically, I'm sayin' either way, we 'bout to slide/Can't let this one slide."

The track was named after ATL choreographer Toosie, who was tasked to come up with the dance.

"[Drake] had a record idea and needed me to come up with a dance to it," Toosie told GQ, adding he came up with choreography with his crew. "Everybody was contributing little moves, and slowly but surely, we started piecing it together ... [Drake] fell in love with it. He was like, 'Y’all are the greatest, man. This is it!'"

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