Desiigner Calls Kanye ‘Crazy’ Again in "Thotiana" Remix

Is this a diss at Ye? We have our doubts.

Desiigner and Kanye West

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Desiigner and Kanye West

Desiigner is the latest artist to take on Blueface's breakout single "Thotiana."

The Brooklyn rapper released his version Monday night, just weeks after he called Kanye West "crazy" and boldly took credit for G.O.O.D. Music's revival: "I had signed to Kanye West. The biggest n**ga. Y'all n**gas think he's the genius. Y'all think that n***a's shit. But to me, n**ga, that n**ga's crazy," he said in an Instagram Live broadcast. "To me n**ga, I brought G.O.O.D. Music back, n**ga, and everybody know that. So what y'all talking about I fell off [...]?"

The statements were described as both delusional and ungrateful, but despte the mild backlash he received, Desiigner doubled down on the "crazy" Kanye comment in his "Thotiana" remix: "Oh god, it goin' crazy, like Kanye, huh/I brought it to my house on a Sunday," he raps.

Some listeners believed the lyrics were intended to diss the G.O.O.D. Music boss, especially in light of the countless reports concerning Ye's mental health. But that theory seems pretty far-fetched when you look at the verse's previous lines: "I like to mix the codeine with the Fanta, huh/I got it going crazy, like Desiigner, huh."

Yes, Desiigner does refer to Kanye as "crazy," but as you can see, he also uses the term to describe himself. 

So, is there actual bad blood between the rappers? It's unclear, but if Desiigner is trying to come for his label's founder, he might want to do it in a less ambigious way.

You can listen to Desiigner's "Thotiana" remix below.

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