Chris Brown's Accuser Details Alleged Rape

The woman said she decided to report the alleged assault because she didn't want Brown "to do the same things to other girls."

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown

Trigger warning: This story contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing.

The woman who accused Chris Brown of sexual assault has reportedly broken her silence.

On Tuesday morning, news broke that the 29-year-old singer had been detained in Paris on suspicion of an aggravated rape that is said to have occurred on Jan. 15-16. French outlet Closer has since published a story in which the accuser shared horrifying details about the alleged rape and why she ultimately chose to speak out.

The woman, who is identified by the pseudonym Karima, told Closer she met Brown at around 10:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Jan. 15, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. Karima said she accompanied Brown and several others to a nightclub and was eventually invited back to Brown's suite. She claims she initially declined the invitation, but was ultimately persuaded to join Brown, his team, and another woman to the room.

Karima said that before entering the suite, Brown's bodyguard confiscated everyone's phone, which she didn't find unusual considering Brown's high-profile status. She said there were about 15 other women inside the room, which contained drinks and cocaine. At one point during the night, Karima reportedly made her way to the restroom and was followed by Brown, who allegedly grabbed her arm and led her into a dressing room. The woman said it was at that point Brown raped her.

"It's still too difficult for me to explain in detail what he did, but it was brutal and violent," she told Closer, according to a French-to-English translation. "He was threatening and aggressive. I was very afraid. Once it was over, he opened the door. I told him that I wanted to pick up my cell phone and go home."

Karima said she wasn't allowed to leave and was then abused by multiple men, inculding Brown's bodyguard.

"The only wish I had was to go home," she told Closer. "I was too scared. It was three muscular men, aggressive, and menacing. I could not do anything. I am traumatized, I can not overcome what happened to me and resume my habits. It's horrible, I'm lost."

The accuser said she didn't contact authorities until two days after the alleged assault. She told Closer Brown and his team knew her address and phone number, which is why she was initially too scared to file a report. 

"I did not want them to be able to do the same thing to other girls," Karima said, when asked about her decision to ultimately come foward with the claims. "Chris Brown is the kind of person who thinks himself powerful and thinks himself above the law, but no. I'll go to the end. Abused three times in the same evening by three different men it's unbearable to live."

A source told TMZ Brown and the alleged victim were never alone in the same room together.

Shortly after the singer was detained, a woman named Kim Ford denied rumors that she was Brown's accuser. Ford shared a series of Instagram stories, claiming she had nothing to do with situation and that "nothing happened." She also shared a screenshot of a news article about Brown's alleged rape; she wrote, "Not true" over the image; but it's unclear what allegations she is denying. 

Kim Ford IG
Kim Ford IG
Kim Ford IG
Kim Ford IG

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault you can contact the Crisis Text Line via Facebook or by texting "HERE" to 741-741.

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