Debunking the Rumor That Cardi B Stole "Be Careful"

People are trying to spread a rumor that Cardi B stole "Be Careful" from another artist. Not so fast.

Shortly after Cardi B released her new single “Be Careful” on Friday, video allegedly filmed in 2017 surfaced of artist Pardison Fontaine rapping the lyrics to “Be Careful” over the same beat. This led many to believe Cardi either utilized a ghostwriter for the Invasion of Privacy single or stole the record for her own gain.

Not so fast. It’s important to note that Cardi and Fontaine have worked together in the past; the Bronx rapper appeared in one of Fontaine’s music videos.

Some Twitter users claimed Fontaine was not properly credited on the track, as his name doesn’t appear on the list of writers; however, that isn't true.

Fontaine is the alias of Jordan Thorpe, who is also credited on Cardi’s Grammy-nominated record “Bodak Yellow.” Trademark filings show Fontaine and Thorpe are the same individual, which debunks the ghostwriter theory. And how could she have stole the song if Fontaine received credit for his contributions?

This whole situation seems like a moment to try to bring Cardi down, but we don't see that happening anytime soon.

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