ASAP Rocky Reportedly Has No Plans to Return to Sweden

The Harlem rapper returned to the U.S. this weekend, as he awaits the verdict on assault charges in Sweden.

ASAP Rocky

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ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky may never set foot in Sweden again—that is, if he gets his way.

The Harlem rapper arrived in the U.S. on Saturday after spending nearly one month in a Swedish prison for suspected assault. Rocky and his co-defendants—Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers—are now awaiting a verdict and and a potential sentencing, which will be handed down on Aug. 14; however, his legal team told ABC News that Rocky is not required to return to the Scandinavian country for the verdict.

Sources also told TMZ that Rocky's camp was confident he and his co-defendants will receive a not guilty verdict, as they were given the green light to go back home. If he's ultimately let off the hook, he has no intentions of ever going back to the country, according to insiders.

Rocky was arrested in early July, after he was filmed in a physical altercation in Stockholm. The 30-year-old pleaded not guilty to the assault charges, claiming he and his team were acting in self-defense. As Swedish authorities continued to investigate the incident, Rocky remained in custody because he was considered a flight risk.

Officials say Rocky could face up to two years behind bars, but prosecutors are pushing for a six-month prison sentence.  

So, what will he do if he's found guilty and required to return to Sweden? LL Cool J suggests Rocky simply "negotiate" and avoid going on the lam.

"If he's gonna go to other parts of Europe, and they have extradition treaties, then he still would end up in a bigger problem," LL told TMZ. "It's probably best he try to work something out and figure it out and just get it over with. Hopefully he's not guilty."

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