ASAP Ferg Says Kendrick Jumped on Rich the Kid's "New Freezer" on the Condition He Was the Only Feature

ASAP Ferg confirmed he and MadeinTYO were on the original version of Rich the Kid's "New Freezer."

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During a recent sit-down with DJ Whoo Kid, ASAP Ferg spoke about his involvement with Rich the Kid's 2017 record "New Freezer," the lead single off Kid's debut album, The World Is Yours.

The track, produced by Ben Jayne, is credited for catapulting Rich into the mainstream, thanks in large part to a guest verse by Kendrick Lamar; however, Ferg said the original "New Freezer" sounded much different, as the demo featured him and MadeinTYO, rather than K-Dot. 

So, what prompted the change? Ferg says Kendrick only agreed to jump on the track on one condition: He had to be the only feature.

"I did 'New Freezer.' That was my song. Ben came through, and we did that song together with me, Rich the Kid, and... MadeinTYO," Ferg said around the 4:40 mark in the video above. "This n***a wind up playing it for fuckin', I think Jaden Smith, Kendrick Lamar, all these other n***as. And Kendrick was like, 'Yo, I'll get on it as long as everybody come off of it.'"

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Ferg insisted he wasn't salty about the request. In fact, he was all for it, as he was convinced it would boost Rich's career.

"I'm like, 'Cool, as long as the little homie get on.' You know what I'm sayin'? He's from the hood," Ferg continued. "But to see what 'New Freezer' did, and it took him to a whole other level. He got a pub deal, got an artist deal, a label deal, living in a L.A. house, everything... off a song and just being around."

The "New Freezer" demo surfaced online in September in 2017, shortly before the final Kendrick version was released.

In a 2017 interview with Ebro Darden, Rich discussed how his collaboration with Kendrick came to be.

"He was working on his Damn album when I was working on my album at Interscope's studios," Rich said. "He came in [to my studio] and asked me to hear some records. So I played him 'New Freezer,' I [had] recorded it two-three weeks [before] at Quad and I played it for him. It was the first record I played him, and he was just like, 'Yo, this is crazy, can I get on this?'"

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Check out Ferg's full interview in the video up top. The Floor Seats rapper also discusses touring with Drake, his friendship with ASAP Rocky, and hanging out at JAY-Z's home.

"I went to JAY's house for New Year's, and Blue [Ivy] came runnin' to the door. I'm was like, 'I'm in a fuckin' dream,'" Ferg said. "Like, this n***a has a golf cart that drives down to his fuckin' house to the gate... Someone opened the door for me with white gloves... Then I look downstairs and I see Beyoncé's moms, and I see JAY talking to Steve Stoute. So, I'm like, 'Is this n***a's house for real?'... I'm seein' real Basquiat's in the kitchen and shit, Rothko paintings."

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