Tory Lanez Says He's Gunning for Drake's No. 1 Spot in Hip-Hop

Tory Lanez wants to challenge Drake for his No. 1 spot in hip-hop.

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Tory Lanez stopped by Ebro in the Morning today, and he didn't shy away from directly addressing his rumored beef with fellow Toronto rapper Drake. He didn't deny that he was gunning for Drake's position in hip-hop, but denied that anything was personal. 

"At the end of the day there's never gonna be a personal problem," he said. "There's never been a personal problem because I don't know that man. It's just one of those situations where the only thing that's ever gonna lie between us is that we can't share first place. And I'm the only guy that's bold enough to come and really take that right now."

He went on to point out that "Hip-hop is a contact sport," and it's one that he is looking to win. "I'm here to compete, I'm here to be No. 1, I'm here to be the greatest," he said. "Anybody standing in the way, whether or not it's him or anybody, it's gotta go the way it's gotta go and I'm not gonna stop until I get that."

Later in the interview, Ebro brought up Lanez' new song "Love," which has a reggae flavor from its sample of "Everyone Falls in Love" by Tanto Metro and Devonte. He asked Lanez if the inspiration for recording the song came from the success of Drake's "One Dance" and "Controlla," which Tory also denied. He noted his Bajan heritage, and pointed to the song "Wind It," which he released with Justin Bieber in 2011, as evidence that he had always explored Caribbean sounds in his music.

He also discusses his "New Toronto" movement and some of his favorite artists from the city. You can check out the entire interview in the video above.

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