Tink Comes Back Hard on "Circle the Block"

This one is real.

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There hasn't been a ton of noise from Tink​'s camp ever since she released her Winter Diary 3 mixtape back in July of last year. She put out a dope video for "Medicine" and dropped a pair of tracks last fall, but it's been a few months since we've heard from her. Tonight, she broke the silence with her new Timbaland-produced song "Circle the Block."

The track falls right into Tink's wheelhouse of aggressive, fast-paced rhymes. After predicting 2016 would be "epic," she immediately launches into a motor mouth flow. "Seven years since Mike died, what better time to pop a hoe?/Any ni**a wanna run game, put a dot up on him like a domino," she raps, adding "Dogs with me, no Charlie Brown/Biting hoes getting exposed because they can't make it with they own sound/You the middle man and I am the plug." The whole track is laced with fan-favorite street flavor that many love.

Her debut album—tentatively titled Think Tink—is supposedly on the way soon, but still doesn't have a release date yet. There's no word on whether "Circle the Block" will appear on the album, but you can stream it on AudioMack below.

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