Here's an Incredible Mashup of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" and Drake's "Hotline Bling"

Drake and Justin make for an awesome combination.

Brayton Bowman

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Brayton Bowman

Both Justin Bieber and Drake are having huge moments on the charts with their songs "What Do You Mean?" and "Hotline Bling" respectively. While it's expected that any big song will get one too many covers, it's much less common to see two huge songs mashed up and re-imagined like this. Capitalizing on the popularity of both tracks, singer/songwriterBrayton Bowman created a song he calls "Justin's Hotline." Although it borrows lyrics from both "Hotline Bling" and "What Do You Mean?," it's a whole new take on both songs. His up-tempo crooning is underscored by a funky, original beat, elevating the source material into something totally his own. Stream the song below.

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