Lil Yachty Defends Recent Criticism of Hip-Hop, Says Fans Aren't as Supportive Due to 'Decline in Content'

Back in November, the rapper said the genre is "in a terrible place."

Kayla Oaddams / Getty Images

Lil Yachty isn't backing down from his recent claims that hip-hop "is in a terrible place."

On the latest episode of his A Safe Place podcast, Yachty doubled down on his criticism of the genre.

“This is the crazy thing… numbers. First off, hip-hop was number one. The number-one leading genre for 10-plus years," he shared. "Shitting on every other genre up until recently; about a year ago or two, and it fell in the rankings of being number one. It’s between country music and Latin music."

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The Let's Start Here artist continued by shedding light on record labels scaling back on expenses when it comes to funding rappers.

“Even record labels have pulled back on funding of hip-hop as far as like what contracts are looking like and what budgets are being put into…hip-hop artists," he continued. "It’s all been scaled back on funding. It’s facts. The facts is that people aren’t supporting Hip-Hop like they once did because there is a decline in content.”

Yachty's comments arrive weeks after he criticized the current landscape of hip-hop during a conversation at Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians event in Brooklyn.

“Hip-hop is in a terrible place,” Lil Boat said in November. “The state of hip-hop right now is a lot of imitation. It’s a lot of quick, low-quality music being put out.“

He added, “It’s a lot less risk-taking, it’s a lot less originality…People are too safe now. Everyone is so safe. I rather take the risk than take the L.”

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