Joyner Lucas on Eminem Being Impossible to Reach: 'You Could Probably Hop on the Phone With Barack Quicker'

The Massachusetts rapper dished about his collaborative relationship with Em during a new interview on 'The Breakfast Club.'

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During an interview on Monday's episode of The Breakfast Club, Joyner Lucas detailed the difficulties of getting in touch with Eminem.

While chatting about how rappers of his status need to move a certain way when it comes to dealing with sketchy people, Joyner explained that getting Em on the phone isn't easy.

“Getting on the phone with him, you could probably hop on the phone with Barack [Obama] quicker than you could hop on the phone with Marshall," Joyner shared at the 12:40 mark below. "That n***a's calling you from a line where his manager’s assistant is calling you from a 1-800 number and it’s like elevator music and, ‘Please hold, Marshall’s coming to the phone.'"

Joyner continued, "You can’t have his number. Nobody has his number. He’s not accessible. You can’t talk to him. It’s like hopping on the phone with the president.”

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From there, Joyner recalled a conversation he and Em had during a video shoot for their 2018 single "Lucky You," in which the Detroit rapper reminded him he can always call to chat. Eminem's longtime collaborator Royce Da 5'9" further shed light on why Em is hard to reach.

“I always wondered like, why this n***a move like that?" Lucas said. "I had a conversation with him on the shoot of ‘Lucky You’ and I was in his trailer and I was like, ‘Yeah man, any time you wanna talk, any time you wanna build, whatever, you can hit me.' ... He was like 'yeah, yeah, yeah,’ and it's just like, I could tell he was real standoffish."

Joyner added, "And I would ask Royce like yo, why's he like that? He's like, ‘Man, that n***a’s just been through a lot of shit. He don't really like—he's very closed-off from people.' ... And I never understood it, and it's just like, when I started experiencing the shit I was experiencing, I got it instantly. I’m like, ‘This is why this motherfucker don't want new friends.' I get it, 100 percent.”

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