Hitmaka on If He’d Collaborate With Hit-Boy After Beefing: ‘Absolutely Not’

Hitmaka continued his war of words with Hit-Boy this week, as the super-producer shut down any future potential collaboration with his peer.

Hitmaka attends Jim Jones listening party in 2023

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Hitmaka attends Jim Jones listening party in 2023

Hitmaka continued his war of words with Hit-Boy this week, as the producer shut down a potential future collaboration with his peer.

Earlier this month, Hitmaka suggested he gets much more radio play than Hit-Boy, which prompted the latter to unleash a diss track aimed at his new rival. 

“See, but I’m on the radio; Hit-Boy’s not on the radio,” Hitmaka said during an interview on Hot 97 with Ebro Darden. “Nah, I love Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy’s a legendary producer, he’s been doing it way longer than me, he’s a great guy. But I’m keeping it a B, though…if you play the soundtrack to your life for the last four or five years on radio, I know it’s gotta be frustrating for him because my name is so similar, my brother.”

Hit-Boy responded with a diss track, rapping, “Look, I’m usually homeboys with producers I’m compared to/But on this one I wanna say I’m stretched out, extra legroom/I don’t really know dude, he seem like a cool cat/But I never once heard Metro Boomin do boom bap/I never heard a Southside beat without an 808 in it/HB in drunk-driver mode, I swerve in every lane with it.”

Okay .. I’m instigating producer beef lmao @_Hitmaka you know you my guy but it’s on you

While speaking with HipHopDX this week, Hitmaka shared his thoughts on the situation, admitting his recent beef with Hit-Boy has put to rest any chance of the pair collaborating in the future.

“Absolutely not,” he confirmed. “There’s enough room for both of us to breathe in this lane, and it’s enough room for both of us to exist ’cause we both been existing this whole entire time this whole thing been going on before this little rift on the internet began. But in all actuality, no thank you, and I’m just continuing to do me. I don’t know what aesthetic he brings to what I’m creating, like I got my pocket and he has his.”

HItmaka said he “loves” the back-and-forth and the “competition,” and doesn’t think his remarks were “false.”

He explained, “We never worked together before, but to be honest with you, like, I said what I said, and I stand on it. … I could have said, ‘You know what, Hit-Boy is great at what he does, but I’m more of the mainstream guy.’ There was DJ Premier and there was Puff Daddy, they both existed at the same time, and they were both on similar albums. They both can work with Nas, you know what I’m saying?”

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