GloRilla’s Anyways, Life’s Great… Tour ended this weekend with a nutty moment that saw the Memphis rapper get her wig snatched right off her head.

At the end of her final tour stop in Philadelphia, GloRilla was crowdsurfing when fans started reaching for her wig. GloRilla played along, taking the hairpiece off herself and launching it into the crowd.

“Dey tried to take my wig while I was crowd surfing so I snatched it off & threw it in da crowd [crying laughing emojis] Philly was lit,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “Last day of tour went out with a bangggg.”

After signing a deal with CMG this past summer, GloRilla shared her debut EP Anyways, Life’s Great… via Yo Gotti’s CMG label. The project featured guest appearances from Cardi B, Niki Pooh, and Hitkidd on breakout hit “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).”

As she prepares to make another leap in 2023, GloRilla explained to how her belief in manifesting has helped her reach her goals.

“All it takes is faith and manifestation,” she shared. “One, you actually got to put the work in and have discipline and know that it is there. You just gotta work for it. I tell everybody that’s gonna get you a long way. Manifesting and having faith and actually working and reaching toward that goal. I don’t feel like it’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you have your mind set to it and you don’t ever stop or give up on it.”