Get Hip to Dej Loaf's "Try Me" Before Drake Inevitably Remixes It

Her Soundcloud is packed with five stellar songs.

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Detroit​ rapper Dej Loaf is about to blow up with her song "Try Me," a DDS-produced slow banger. Don't be fooled by the glistening production or her sedated flow—this is one of the hardest tracks of the summer. You've never heard someone sing so sweetly about "putting a burner to your tummy." She mesmerizes with lines like, "Love wearing all black, you should see my closet/Rock that all white when I'm feeling godly/Pop out like Coke, I aint gotta park it."

Although "Try Me" was released two months ago, people are just starting to take notice. Last week, Drake commented on her Instagram page leading everyone to think that he's working on a remix. While none of that is confirmed, at this point in his career, Drake represents the idea of an established rapper putting their stamp of approval on a hot song via a remix or by posting the lyrics on social media (just look at all the acts he's co-signed over the years).

Simply put, it gets people's attention and helps the song pick up steam. We're not saying Drake is definitely gonna remix this song, but it's the exact kind of song he would hop on. 


But Drake's not the only one. Wiz Khalifa also posted an Instagram video adding his own verse to the song and then tweeted out a picture of the two in the studio. 

Meanwhile, NBA MVP Kevin Durant tweeted about the track last night, too:

With all of these noteworthy co-signs, Durant is right: Dej Loaf's career is definitely going up. The last time Drake hopped on an up-and-coming artist's song, he ended up signing them to OVO Sound. We're not saying this will be the case with Dej Loaf, but Drake blessing you with the co-sign in any form is practically a record deal on its own.

A quick look through Dej Loaf's Soundcloud and it's clear she's got more to offer. Two weeks ago, she dropped "Where the Love At," produced by Lift Off, and brings the same savage imagery that makes "Try Me" so good. On the hook she rhymes catchy, malicious bars like, "Where these kisses and the hugs at?/Nigga we don't want that/I said fuck that, leave a nigga in a blood bath."

Then there's songs like "Hollow Past," which was released over a year ago, where she rides the menacing beat so effortlessly.

Dej Loaf is working on her new album, which is yet untitled, but keep a close eye on what she's got going on via her Soundcloud

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