PROMO: The Samsung Level Music Lab and Halsey Head to USC

The groundbreaking music project takes its mentoring expertise to SoCal.

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When burgeoning musicians sit down to create new music, they often find themselves trying to emulate the artists whose work they most admire. In truth, what they’d really like is to be able to meet these idols—to be able to hear whatever advice, critique, and feedback they have to offer—but most realize this notion is only a pipe dream.

Or is it?

For the past few months, the Samsung Level Music Lab has been giving students all across the country unprecedented access to some of the greatest acts in music. The one-of-a-kind experience has thus far touched down in Kansas and Nevada, and most recently made its way to SoCal. There, the Lab gave one lucky USC student the incomparable opportunity of sitting down with one of her heroes to discuss and critique her work as she was creating it.

The student in question, named Lani, was pretty surprised when she sat down to get to work and suddenly looked up to find Halsey walking in the door. What followed was an in-depth conversation in which Halsey discussed her own process for creating material, as well as giving her thoughts on Lani’s very promising talent. From there, Halsey took to the stage with Samsung Level Music Lab’s host, Rory Kramer, to give a packed house of USC students the rare chance to pick her brain about all things music. Obviously, Halsey has a lot of wisdom to share, but her mantra really boiled down to one word: Instinct—as in always trust your instincts, and trust in your own voice.

Halsey wound down her USC visit by taking a stroll around campus with Lani, as the two discussed the possibility of collaborating with each other in the future. It was just the latest example of how the Samsung Level Music Lab is bringing the hottest acts in music together with the most promising artists of tomorrow for a wholly unique mentorship experience.

You can check out a video featuring Halsey’s USC trip above, and be sure to follow along with the Samsung Level Music Lab series on the Samsung Live YouTube page.  

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