Tony Yayo Vents About G-Unit Being Called ‘House N***as’ When They Worked With Eminem

The 50 Cent-fronted group faced intense backlash for collaborating with Eminem.

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50 Cent's G-Unit collaborated with Eminem a lot throughout their career and even signed to his label Shady Records, but Tony Yayo says their work with the rapper didn't come without backlash.

In an interview with Vlad TV, as seen above, Yayo spoke about his relationship with Benzino and his former group Made Men before shifting the topic to the backlash he and the other G-Unit members faced when they teamed up with Em.

"We even got called house n***as for fucking with Eminem,” Yayo said. “The Source, they would take it to a whole 'nother level. That’s when the disrespect for me was like, well damn, what does color have to do with anything with music? What does color have to do with anything with people? I don’t care what color or religion you are. That’s just me. We from New York. It’s a melting pot of people.”

Yayo said that he and his G-Unit bandmates grew up "around all kinds of people," so it never occurred to them that working with Eminem might upset some people.

"I don’t look at you as a culture vulture ’cause you white," he continued. "That could be somebody else opinion. You know what I mean? It’s not mine. ... Melle Mel said something about Eminem. My whole thing, [Em] did more for me, him and 50, than anybody has ever did in my career."

Earlier this year, Melle Mel suggested that Em only landed at No. 5 on Billboard's list of the Top 50 Rappers of All Time because he's white.

Yayo countered, "Till the day it’s all said and done, I’ma shout-out Eminem. But everybody always blow shots at Eminem—'he wouldn’t be on the list, he wouldn't be'—Eminem wouldn't be on no list if he wasn’t a fuckin' lyrical tyrant. If he wasn’t fuckin' nice with it, they wouldn’t even be mad at him. And no disrespect to Melle Mel, I know he's a legend in the game, I'm not here to get on here and bash people and throw salt on wounds like n***as do on this internet shit."

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