Rick Ross Jokes About Feud With 'Scammer' DJ Envy: 'Did He Scam Anyone You Know?'

He also called the Breakfast Club host "DJ Liquidation."

Jason Koerner via Getty Images

Rick Ross thinks his feud with "Beige Rage" Breakfast Club host DJ Envy is already "classic."

In a new interview with Marlow Stern for Rolling Stone, Rozay touched upon his feud with Envy, which kickstarted over their competing car shows earlier this year. "Yo, that was classic. 'Beige Rage.' That’s DJ Liquidation. DJ Scammer," he said of the beef before asking his interviewer whether they knew anyone who might've gotten scammed by alleged real estate scammer Cesar Pina, with whom Envy has been connected to. "Yo, you’re from New York? Did he scam anyone you know?

When they told Rozay they weren't aware of Envy scamming anyone they knew, the rapper asked if they knew for certain. "You sure? You gotta poll all the older ladies in your family because they said they specifically targeted older women who would stay up late at night and order silver jewelry off the TV," he continued. "You gotta call all your grandmas and aunties. Those real-estate scams … He’s a thief. It’s unfortunate for the older ladies."

Envy's former real estate business partner Cesar Pina was arrested and charged with federal wire fraud last month. He has been accused of defrauding dozens of people through an alleged Ponzi scheme. Envy, meanwhile, has been accused of using his status as a public figure to lure people into the alleged scam.

The DJ and radio host was first linked with Pina in 2017 and they've recorded several clips promoting their business in the years since. While Envy hasn't been charged in connection with the case, many have taken issue with his association with Pina. "He's advertising this all over radio and television, so I thought this was legit," alleged victim Jose Santiago told NBC New York. "We invested $200,000 and it looks like we won't ever get it back."

Rozay blasted Envy for his involvement with Pina in an interview with Funkmaster Flex last month. "We ain’t selling fake houses!” he joked. "We not gon’ steal no old lady houses. You going to hell for that. ... I heard [Envy] just accused his man of taking advantage of him, too. You’re doing the fraud, you’re telling on your man? Damn."

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