Rick Ross Jokes About Botching Dive at Pool Party After Knees Give Out

Attendees looked on as Ross' knees appeared to give out during a diving attempt.

Paras Griffin via Getty Images

In a video circulating on social media, Rick Ross is seen attempting a dive at a pool party. Unfortunately, his knees had other plans.

As the viral moment shows—from two different angles, no less—Rozay had all the attention when he stepped on the diving board during a recent party at his Georgia mansion, which he has dubbed "the Promise Land."

His property boasts the biggest residential swimming pool in the country, so it only makes sense that he would want to show it off by using the diving board himself. Ross briefly got some air as he prepared his jump, but when his feet made contact with the board again his knees seemingly gave way and he ungracefully plunged into the pool headfirst.

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Ross later reposted the video on his Instagram Stories and admitted he botched the dive.

"I'm getting all the DMs this morning, 'Rozay I saw you do the dive, are you okay?'" he said. "Well, I'ma be honest, am I okay? Of course not, I blew my tire. I got on the stage, I was feeling the energy, all the support from all the baddies. The biggest pool in the country. I gave everybody my word I would do the double-decker slapper, I said that on my Stories earlier this week. The double-decker slapper. What is that? Who knows, I've never heard of it. I made it up on the diving board. I did a double bounce, and boy, my knee caught a flat."

Ross also laughed off some of the comments at his expense. "N***a said, 'Rozay tore his ACL, his MCL, his TLC," he laughed in another post. "This the best shit ever. Motherfucker said, 'Ross' lower body said I'ma eat it!.'"

Rick Ross' Georgia home has made a lot of headlines as of late. Earlier this year he hosted his second annual car and bike show at the property, but it didn't come without some drama as the event seemingly clashed with DJ Envy's similar event in Tennessee. Initially, he was unable to get a permit for the event, but the issue was sorted out last minute as he fought off criticism from Envy, who roasted Ross' past as a correctional officer by dressing up as a cop.

The property is so big that Ross was gifted two buffaloes last year. However, in March he was forced to respond to some concerns from neighbors from the roaming buffaloes. “

Everybody that’s wanting a statement and a response for my bulls, my cows, a couple of buffaloes that got away in the community, this is my response. I always return stray animals. Make sure you always keep a collar on your animal. And mine don’t have a collar ’cause you know it’s mines," he said in response. "So when you see my buffalo, give it a carrot. Give it a apple. They so kind, they so peaceful. Thank everybody for watching. Thank everybody for making sure all of my animals got back into the Promise Land. … All my neighbors, Fayetteville, y’all the best."

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