Pusha-T Shares Jay-Z's Reaction When He Sent Him "Neck & Wrist" and Asked Him to Hop on It

In a new interview on 'Desus and Mero,' Pusha-T spoke about his Jay-Z collaboration “Neck & Wrist” and revealed what Hov said to him after he asked for a verse.

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In a new interview on Desus and Mero, Pusha-T spoke about his Jay-Z collaboration “Neck & Wrist” and revealed what Hov said to him after he asked him to contribute a verse to the track.

“That’s why I reach out to him for music,” said Pusha at the 8:30 point mark of the chat after Mero suggested Jay-Z knows he needs to bring his A-game when collaborating with him. “It all happens over email. This is the wildest part, I’ll have a beat, and I’ll be like, ‘This is crazy.’ … I’ll say everything I can say crazy to it, and I’m like, ‘Man, who belongs on this beat.’” Echoing similar comments he made in his 360 with Speedy Morman interview in February, he said Hov is who he hits up when he wants a rapper to match his energy.

“So it’s like, I record it and send it to him,” he continued, “And he hit me back, whether it’s emojis or… I think he said, ‘What the hell do you want me to say to this?’ I know I can count on him to say things I just can’t say. He lives… Bro, [it’s] a different level.” Immediately after, Desus and Mero spoke about the famous Roc Nation brunch and asked if Push could find them an in. “I’ma try to get y’all in,” he said. “I might be able to!”

Elsewhere in the interview, he briefly addressed his past beef with Drake. He suggested that he didn’t want to broach the subject of Drizzy and his son Adonis again, despite their history with his infamous diss track “The Story of Adonis.” “I don’t like the energy of, like, mentioning my son in that type of energy, or any kid,” he said at the 6:40 mark. “I’m just not gonna play about anything involving him.”

Watch the full interview on Desus and Mero above.

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