Mother of 6ix9ine's Child Reacts to Rapper's Sentencing

The mother of Daniel "Tekashi 6ix9ine" Hernandez's child, Sara Molina, has thoughts on the rapper's sentencing.


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The mother of Daniel "Tekashi 6ix9ine" Hernandez's child, Sara Molina, doesn't appear to be too happy about the rapper's sentencing. On Wednesday, the controversial artist received two years in prison with five years of supervised release, a much smaller amount of time than the 37 years he was originally facing. In a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories posts, Molina took issue with what Hernandez had to say for himself when he took the stand.

"I wanted the world to see me as an example, that you are in control of where you go," the rapper told the judge. "I used my platform to push the message, if I did, why can't you? I gave people hope."

After his comments in court started to surface online, Molina wrote, "LMFAOOO... 'Whatever sounds good' I guess." She later directly quoted his comment about hope, and added, "This n***a thinks he's a PROPHET OF GOD LMFAOOO HURD YOU MOSES."

In a third post, she highlighted a comment from the judge mentioning their daughter. "As a result of your musical career, you could have gotten the advise of security people, and presumably lawyers and accountants," Judge Engelmayer said. "I have sentenced hundreds of defendants for gang activity. Your daughter had nothing to do with your decision."

Following her Instagram comments, she sat down for an interview with TMZ. "My daughter has never been a priority for him at all whatsoever," she explained. "The judge said it himself, like, your daughter has nothing to do with the decisions you've made. You were already set, you didn't have to do it."

She accused him of using their daughter as "a prop to gain sympathy," and said she ultimately felt used by him. "He's not a changed person, I don't think he is," she added. "He has gone this whole year without reaching out, checking on my daughter." Molina additionally alleged that 6ix9ine's brother reached out after she hadn't heard from the rapper or his family for a year, asking if his defense could bring their daughter to court. "On his brother's support letter he couldn't even get my daughter's age right. They said she was six, my daughter is four."

She said she isn't receiving child support payments from him, but she also "doesn't want it." She said, "I already know what comes with it, and I'd rather not have those strings and that type of chaos that he comes with just for me." 

While Hernandez's father did not get an opportunity to talk during the hearing today, he was asked for his thoughts outside the courthouse. "I feel glad that he's safe in there," he said. "There nothing gonna happen. Outside... They gonna try to kill him. All the stuff that he was saying... I don't have to explain. It's a serious situation, he's a target." He was later asked what he thought of his son's tattoos, to which he laughed and said, "I like them."

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