Lizzo Says Daily Body Shaming Is ‘Really Starting to Make Me Hate the World’

The Grammy-winner is tired of explaining "this is what my body looks like even when I'm eating super clean and working out."


Lizzo vented about being the daily target of body-shaming trolls.

In a series of posts shared on her currently private Twitter account, Lizzo shared screenshots of people making cruel, unsolicited comments about her weight.

"I just logged on [to this] app and this is the type of shit I see about me on a daily basis," she wrote alongside a tweet from a Twitter Blue subscriber who questioned how the artist is "still THIS fat when she's constantly moving this much on stage."

"It's really starting to make me hate the world," wrote Lizzo. "Then someone in the comments said I eat 'lots of fast food.' I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO...I'm tired of explaining myself all the time and I just wanna get on this app w/out seeing my name in some bullshit."

In a second post, the 35-year-old added, "I'm literally just trying to live and be healthy. This is what my body looks like even when I'm eating super clean and working out!"

The four-time Grammy-winner called out other trolls who suggested her weight is part of her "brand" as well. "BEING FAT IS WHAT MY BODY LOOKS [LIKE]. THATS IT. THATS ALL," she wrote. "My 'brand' is FEEL GOOD MUSIC. My 'brand' is CHAMPIONING ALL PEOPLE. My 'brand' is BLACK GIRL LIBERATION."

She admitted she's felt close to giving up on her career in the past because of the hate she receives. "The love definitely do not outweight the hate on social media... all because I'm fat???? This is CRAZY."

Per Billboard, Lizzo has recently had her Twitter set to private in an effort to avoid the most negative content. (Which is running rampant in the Elon Musk age.) She said in a previous post that she doesn't even search her name to see some of these tweets, they just show up on her timeline and "for you" feed.

"I swear I just wanna look at dance videos and science news and this shit comes in every day," she wrote.

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