Lil Pump Shares 'Harverd Dropout' Merch Bundles

After the album failed to meet its original release date of Aug. 17, new merch bundles on Lil Pump's website indicate that his long-awaited 'Harverd Dropout' could still be arriving soon.

Lil Pump told fans not too long ago that his long-awaited album Harverd Dropout would be arriving Aug. 17, but with the date gone by and no release, it's clear something went wrong. However, the rapper has just shared a link on his Instagram and Twitter to some new merch, promising a copy of the album with every item upon the release date of the record.

The new merch drop, which is titled UNHAPPY, features a number of items, with a hoodie sporting his signature catchphrase "ESSKEETIT." Each item is supposedly limited to only 200, but perhaps the most interesting bit of information here is the Harverd Dropout CD included with each order. We still don't have an official release date for the album, but it would definitely indicate that it's arriving sooner rather than later.

When Aug. 17 arrived and the record was nowhere to be seen, Pump posted a video of him yelling "I can't find my fucking album." Whether it was just him joking around or something really did happen is unclear, but at least it's finally on the horizon if this new merch is any indication.

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