Lil Baby on Being in Contact With Young Thug’s Family Amid Incarceration, Says He’s Lost Millions in Crypto

In an interview on 'Sway’s Universe,' Lil Baby has revealed that he’s been in contact with Young Thug’s family amid his incarceration on RICO charges.

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In an interview on Sway’s Universe, Lil Baby revealed that he’s been in contact with Young Thug’s family amid his incarceration.

"They actually go to court today, so by the time we get out, get out of the interview, maybe we’ll know some good news,” he told Sway at the 10:20 point of the interview, as seen above. “For the most part, it’s like the same old thing. They’re just tryna get [inaudible]. But I definitely talk to them. I know how it feel to be in that situation, so I like reach out to their parents and stuff, make sure they good.”

Lil Baby previously spent two years behind bars, which gives him perspective on how frustrating it can be to have your access to the outside world cut off. “A lot of times [when] you’re in a tight situation, your phone might not be as easily accessible,” he continued. “You might not have somebody to move for you the way you want to move. … As far as for me, I just know if you got somebody on the outside you could depend on a little bit, you can kind of sleep better.”

At around the 12:15 mark, Baby admitted that he’s lost millions (and made millions) in crypto.

“I feel like I’ma win with investing and stuff. I’m a gambler already. That's what I do on a way smarter level is gamble. To me, making investments is like a safer gamble. I actually lost millions investing in crypto. I made money in crypto before I lost it. It’s like an up and down thing,” he said.

In a new interview with XXL Magazine for their digital cover story, Baby also reflected on how he’s dealt with Thug’s absence ever since he and his Young Stoner Life collaborators were put behind bars in May. 

“He's not like one of my rap friends,” Baby said. “He's one of my personal friends. We actually talk on the phone. Or if we in the same city, like one of them guys that I pull up on. So, him being incarcerated, it be different for me. He ain’t like one of the rappers where I don’t see in years or I don’t talk to for real anyway. I really talk to him from a day to day. Me and Gunna we like neighbors. So, for them to be in a situation and I don't really talk to them like that, it kinda mess with me a little bit for sure."

During one of his most recent visits to see Thug in Cobb County Jail, he told the rapper the best advice he could. “Read. That’s the advice,” he said. “Like logical, I know you in there, while you're in there, read. Get some books. Figure out what you wanna learn about ’cause while you in there and shit, just figure out some shit, ya feel me? Then when you get out you got a whole new avenue and just apply it to your life when you get out.”

Watch his full interview with Sway above.

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