Kodak Black Talks Getting Shot, Says Women He Signs 'Ain’t Gotta Be My Girlfriend But It’s Like, I’m Gonna Bust Em'

In an extended interview with the 'Breakfast Club,' Florida rapper Kodak Black opened up about getting shot in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Kodak Black opened up about getting shot in Los Angeles.

Kodak was one of three men who were shot outside of an L.A. bar this month, but he bounced back just in time to attend the Super Bowl. At the 1:10 point above, the Florida rapper said he’s doing “alright” and has a walker to help him out, although he hasn’t used it much.

“It wasn’t nothing like...nobody after us, or we was after them,” Black said, adding he doesn’t believe it was a targeted shooting.

Charlamagne noted that Kodak spoke about the shooting briefly during a recent Instagram Live, and asked why the rapper wasn’t too upset about the situation.

“I’m the type of n***a, nobody gonna make me feel bad, man,” Kodak said. “I’m going to show you my scars, I’ma highlight them myself. So you won’t be like, ‘Oh haha, you got popped.’ I’m laughing at my damn self, I’ll be like, ‘Damn them n***as shot me real good.’”

Despite his attitude toward the shooting, he admitted he’s thankful it didn’t get more violent. “That shit was pussy, though,” he declared. 

Kodak spoke about DreamDoll squashing his romantic advances at the 20:00 mark, and suggested he felt led-on by her simply because they collaborated on a song. “You can’t expect them girls to give you some just because you’re doing music with them, Kodak,” Charlamagne pointed out.

“So why you expect a n***a just do music with them?” said Kodak. Asked how he would feel about women rappers on his label collaborating with other men, he said it “depends on, like, how y’all vibing and shit.”

“Look, my female artist, this is just how it is, right. … ’Cause I know n***as and shit like that, I gotta bust ’em,” he continued. “They ain’t gotta be my girlfriend, but it’s like, I’m gonna bust ’em, you heard?” He continued to dig deeper, saying if a woman he signs is sleeping with someone else, she won’t honor his requests to go to the studio or film a music video. “No, man,” said Charlamagne. “That’s like selling crack where you rest at.” The hosts pushed back on the rapper, who later admitted that he needs to “grow up” a bit.

Elsewhere in the interview, as seen in the clip below, Kodak once again highlighted his archaic treatment of women and said he’ll only be a “boyfriend” of a woman expecting his child if they have a boy. If they have a girl, however, he said he’ll be their “baby daddy.”

At the 14:40 point, Kodak once again spoke about a collaboration with Ed Sheeran that he’s teased in the past. “He jumped on another song, trying to make [it on] the album,” he explained. “I really [got] like two verses from that boy right now.”

From there he went on to talk about his relationship with Drake, and said the two of them have done a lot of stuff “behind-the-scenes.” He also said Drizzy sent him a “quarter million” dollars, although he doesn’t know why. Charlamagne highlighted how much love the Toronto rapper has showed Kodak, and that it could be the start of some sort of OVO collaboration.

“That’s crazy,” Kodak said with a laugh, not confirming or denying. “You got a gift from god, man. We be doing some shit.”

Kodak gave an impromptu freestyle at one point as well, taking a moment to praise Donald Trump after speaking on receiving a pardon from the ex-president. “Black Lives Matter can suck my motherfucking dick, ain’t nobody care when I was going through my shit/And Trump freed more n***as than Obama did,” he rapped. He also suggested T.I. tried to get him kicked off his label.

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