When Joyner Lucas announced he had a full-length project with Chris Brown on the way, the news turned a lot of heads. Considering Brown's history of domestic abuse and violence, some fans were critical of Lucas' decision to work with the singer and rapper. In a video he recorded while driving, Lucas has come to Brown's defense.

In the impassioned rant, Lucas straight-up says Brown is one of the best to ever do it. "Just remember, Malcolm X had a past," he says, referring to the legal issues that plagued the actual revolutionary's early life. That comparison doesn't really work, on numerous levels, but considering how Lucas has been quick to compare Brown to Michael Jackson in the past, it's not exactly the most surprising comment.

"Shut the fuck up," Lucas says to those bringing up Brown's violent past, clearly irate.

The brief video, which Chris Brown reposted on his Instagram, sees Lucas essentially dismissing domestic violence just because he thinks that Brown is talented. This is an argument often used in support of the likes of Kodak Black, Xxxtentacion, and 6ix9ine among others, unfortunately confirming once again that people are more concerned about hearing an abuser's new single than they are ensuring the safety of women.