Watch Jim Jones Bring His 'Drip Report' to Local NYC News Station With Hilarious Weather Segment

Dipset rapper Jim Jones stopped by local news station FOX 5 New York to deliver a hilarious weather report to promote his 'Drip Report' series.

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On Monday, Jim Jones stopped by FOX 5 New York to deliver a hilarious weather report to promote his Drip Report series.

“We looking like we’re in our fifth or sixth winter, it’s pretty chilly,” he said. “It’s supposed to be spring, spring is outta here. New York City, you’re in the dubs. You in the twenties, when you in the twenties you gotta drop down and get your eagle on. Baby girl cover that waist front up, because it might get a little bit chilly.”

He continued, “The rest of the country doesn’t get no better for anywhere, Miami’s even in the sixties and you know that’s supposed to be beach weather so what we doing here people? I don’t know who’s in charge, somebody tell me the rules out here.”

As for the weekend forecast, he declared that “spring has sprung” and told everyone to “bring out your new white Air Force 1s.” They ended the report by reciting the lyrics to Jones' own song, "Ballin (We Fly High)."

Posting a screenshot of the moment on Instagram, Jones added, “Did th weavah on @fox5ny #gooddaynewyorkfox5 bust th thermal (long john’s) on em lol #weavahmanjim I could use a full time job.”

A few years back, Jones started to report on the weather in a series of posts that he called his drip report. He first started doing it in 2019, and it became a beloved recurring series by 2020. 

Jim Jones with today’s weather 🤣🤣🤣

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) January 21, 2019

"There was a storm, a hurricane two years ago in Miami, I think Hurricane Irma. One of the people that I work with suggested that I do a [live broadcast] since I [was] going to be stuck out there, and I thought that was a pretty dope idea, just trying to be silly," Jones previously told OkayPlayer. It later became his Revolt series, which also sees him reporting on the drip of fashion.

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