Jeezy Reflects on Past Issues With Quality Control Co-Founder Coach K

During a recent interview, Jeezy reflected on his past issues with Quality Control co-founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee, who also used to be his manager.

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Jeezy has opened up about his past issues with Quality Control co-founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee, who also used to be his manager.

On the latest episode of Drink Champs, Jeezy spoke about his falling out with Coach K when they parted ways in 2007. “Communication is key,” he said when asked about the situation at the 58-minute mark of the interview, as seen above. “When money is at play and there’s not the right type of communication, the lines seem to get blurred. And this is another thing I wanna say, and this is for if anyone that’s coming up in the game; there’s no handbook or no template of how to do this shit.”

The two parties were unable to discuss what they wanted out of their business arrangements, especially when Jeezy continued to experience success in the music industry and more wealth came into the picture. “You give it your all, you risk your life and all of a sudden, you wake up and you’re a multi-millionaire with more power than you can grasp,” he continued. “And if you come from where I come from, you already got your own trauma. People done tried to do things to you, fuck over you, all these different things. I’m dealing with that, I’m pretty sure [Coach K] dealing with artists that went left.”

Jeezy was also sure to compliment Coach K’s business acumen. “Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at what he does, but there were a lot of conversations that didn’t happen before the fame and the money came, and the understanding,” Jeezy said of Coach K. “It’s like getting into a marriage and you don’t talk about the things that are deal-breakers and what things you don’t want because now, it’s a relationship. And for me, I’m a street guy. If you do anything that seems questionable to me, I’m gonna handle it how I handle it. And again, that ain’t with the best communication.”

Despite the way their business partnership and friendship fell apart, Jeezy holds no grudges against his former manager. “It was never no issue that we couldn’t resolve,” he added. “I still got love for Coach. I’m happy he’s successful, I’m happy he done what he did. I hear people all the time… ‘Jeezy ain’t put nobody on.’ But just look around, Coach is on. He recently gave Coach K a shoutout on his Snofall track, “One Hunnid.”

Jeezy has been very open about some of his past beefs in recent interviews. Earlier this month, he said that Nas inspired him to stay “calm” during his issues with Freddie Gibbs, and Rick Ross.

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