Ice Cube Responds to Questions About His Contract With Black America Failing to Address Black Women

Ice Cube has been in hot water ever since it was revealed he had spoken with Trump's reelection campaign. He addressed it on Fox Soul's 'Cocktails with Queens.'

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Ice Cube has been in hot water with a lot of his fans ever since it was revealed that he had spoken with Trump's reelection campaign regarding his Contract with Black America. Supposedly, Trump's campaign retooled its $500 billion package, the Platinum Plan for Black America, after speaking with Cube. In a conversation on Fox Soul's Cocktails with Queens, Cube was asked why his contract seemingly excludes Black women.

When asked why women "aren't mentioned at all" in the contract, Cube replied at the 18:20 point of the interview, "You are mentioned. When you mention Black people you mentioning Black women, so don't count yourself out."

After the hosts of the show disagreed with what Cube said, he asked, "Black women are not included in Black people?" When he was told that Black women in America have needs that are also not being met by the government, he said he understands that, but he suggested someone could still write a section focusing on that.

"I've been open to all kinds of experts in putting this together, it wasn't just me," the 51-year-old added. "We've dealt with experts in all fields on this Contract with Black America, so we're willing to deal with experts in the section when it comes women. So that's no problem. I'll help you write it."

As for the Platinum Plan, Ice Cube reiterated that he's not getting any money for speaking to Trump's team. When asked what's in the Platinum Plan for Black women, Cube simply said he's "not part of the administration."

Pressed by Claudia Jordan whether he actually believes Trump will execute his Platinum Plan, the $500 billion package that will supposedly help the Black community, Cube seemed to indicate he's "not sure." He continued, "All I know, is we gotta push our agenda no matter who's in there."

He said that "in a perfect world," he would've had an opportunity to extensively talk with the Biden campaign. "I'm not a supporter of neither one of them."

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