Hear Frank Ocean’s Remix of SZA’s “The Weekend” Played at PrEP+ Club Night

Earlier this month, Frank Ocean launched a new club night called PrEP+ in New York City.

Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean

Earlier this month, Frank Ocean launched a new club night called PrEP+ in New York City. As the announcement said, "PrEP+ is the first in a series of nights; an ongoing safe space made to bring people together and dance."

Not only did Frank recruit some of his famous friends to play sets at the first edition of PrEP+, he also used it as an opportunity to preview some new music. At the second club night, featuring Leeon and Arca among others, he offered up a somewhat familiar preview of unreleased music.

During one of the sets, Frank Ocean's remix of SZA's "The Weekend" was played. Videos and pictures aren't permited at PrEP+, but those in attendance were still able to get a preview of the highly anticipated remix of the 2017 CTRL track.

Frank's cover of SZA's "The Weekend" got a spin at the PrEP+ party last night. It's not clear who played it.

Word is @vegynvegyn had a surprise set at some point during the evening. pic.twitter.com/TGSBC4FY4E

— blonded.blog (@blondedblog) October 25, 2019

Frank previously teased his take on the song earlier this year on his Instagram Storiess, although the track played at PrEP+ appears to sport more dance-oriented production. It's unclear if this is a remix from someone else, although he did recently announce two new singles featuring B-side remixes from Justice and Sango.

It remains to be seen if Frank's take on "The Weekend" will ever see the light of day in full, although his new songs "Dear April" and "Cayendo" are scheduled to drop sometime soon.

Following the first night of PrEP+, Frank addressed the criticism that he failed to uplift the queer community with its overly exclusive nature. Shortly after, he shared a new single, "DHL."

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