Drake Reacts to Fan Throwing Bra on Stage: '38DD Never Let Me Down Before... Nasty'

During the inaugural show of his It's All a Blur tour, the rapper stopped his performance to provide some thoughts on the bras being thrown at him.

During the inaugural show of the It's All a Blur tour, Drake briefly paused his performance at least twice after fans threw bras on stage.

In a video originally shared on TikTok, someone showed their perspective at the concert when their best friend threw her bra onstage. The fan excitedly jumped up and down when they noticed that Drizzy picked up the undergarment and went for a closer look.

From another angle of the moment, Drake's commentary on the bra could be more clearly heard. “Oh yeah, this is definitely how I like it right here,” he said upon picking up the bra. "God damn, shit. Some knocks—whose is this by the way? This yours? 38DD, never let me down before. Nasty.”

At another point of the show, he made it clear he's appreciative of all shapes and sizes. “Let’s see what we working with. Who threw this? That’s you? It looks like you threw this—36DD—some knocks, I’m not gonna lie,” he said. “By the way, we don’t discriminate, though. Shout out to the girls with the small titties. Shoutout to the girls with little booties, big booties, you know? All races, all faces, all places. Thank you, again, this is perfect." He held the bras together, and joked they were like "ying and yang" because of the color.

drake says if you’re gonna throw anything on the stage make it bras only #IAABtour pic.twitter.com/V6835ciati

— ㅤ (@oliviabeger) July 7, 2023
Twitter: @oliviabeger

It's no secret that Drake is a fan of the ladies and in an interview with Nardwuar in 2010 he admitted he collects bras thrown at him during concerts. "I put the biggest breasts' bras on my mic stand," he said. "Breasts are a beautiful thing. ... I actually have an entire trunk. I think there's about four or five hundred bras in this trunk. ... I carry with me on the road, it's pretty much every bra I've ever received." The fate of the bra trunk is unclear, though.

Unfortunately, bras aren't the only things being tossed at Drake during the It's All a Blur tour. During the same show, a fan seemingly threw a phone at him. Thankfully it didn't interrupt the show, but it did appear to make contact with him.

In addition to his current tour with 21 Savage, the Canadian superstar has teased that an album entitled For All the Dogs is on the way. “I look around at all these faces, I know it’s summertime, I gotta give you shit!” the 36-year-old said during the first stop of the tour, teasing the forthcoming record. “I don’t know about these guys that go away three, four, five years and wanna chill out and all that shit. That’s not me.”

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