D12's Bizarre Takes Shots at Joe Budden and Jay Electronica on "Love Tap"

The 42-year-old rapper just dropped his diss track "Love Tap," aimed at both Joe Budden and Jay Electronica after they came for Eminem.

Eminem has caused quite a stir recently thanks to his latest album, Kamikaze. The record sees Em naming so many names that pretty much everyone in the rap world has caught a stray or even a direct shot, and as such there's been a lot of responses and praise regarding his competitive stance. Jay Electronica got involved when Em released his diss track directed at Machine Gun Kelly, and now Em's former D12 bandmate Bizarre has jumped into the fray.

Directing his ire toward Jay Electronica and Joe Budden in particular, the latter of which has previously dissed Bizarre on numerous occasions, the 42-year-old rapper has just dropped his diss track "Love Tap."

To coincide with the release of the song, Bizarre also shared the intense Willie Styles-directed video. "Joe claim he clean and sober/But he asked me for a Percocet last October/We was on the tour called Never Say Never/I gave you some cocaine when you was under the weather," he raps. At one point he even goes so far as to sample Joe, before rapping, "Just pump it up/Next time I see your jaw I'mma lump it up."

It's clear that with Em's current enthusiasm for all the beefs he's attracted, everyone is looking to get in on the action and have their say. It's unclear if Bizarre will get a response from either of the rappers he's taking aim at on "Love Tap," but knowing Joe Budden he'll at least be hearing from him in some form.

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