Coi Leray Says Pusha-T Is 'Fire' But She's 'Not Listening' to Him

During her new interview on the 'Breakfast Club,' Coi Leray suggested Charlamagne and his co-hosts are “dinosaurs” after he said he listens to Pusha-T.

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During her new interview on the Breakfast Club, Coi Leray suggested Charlamagne tha God and his co-hosts are “dinosaurs” after he said he listens to Pusha-T.

Stopping by ahead of the release of her debut studio album Trendsetter, Leray spoke about the new generation of rap and questioned why her music isn’t for an older demographic. After Charlamagne stated “I’m 43, I don’t think your music’s for me,” Coi pressed him.

“You don’t think my music’s for you? So what do you listen to? So tell me what you listen to,” 24-year-old Coi replied at the 17:25 point above. CTG said he’s listening to a lot of Pusha-T in anticipation of his new album, confirmed today to be titled It’s Almost Dry. 

“Okay, that’s a little dark,” Leray replied with a smile. “I like Pusha-T, but my cover is bright and colorful. You look at Pusha-T, it’s black-and-white and dark. So if it’s the type of time you want to be on, you might need to tap over to Trendsetter and listen to it, get some spark in your life, brighten [it up].”

Charlamagne said he thinks she’s “doing her thing,” to which she agreed. “Different boats, different floats,” she added. The host went on to argue he and his Breakfast Club colleagues are not in her demographic; Leray said she doesn’t care and thinks they haven’t had time to “process it” yet.

“It’s gonna take time for people to process things, because you still stuck on Pusha-T and there’s people that’s in this generation now that’s kind of, like, not making this music besides Muni Long for example, Summer Walker for example, you know what I’m saying?” She also said her material doesn’t have “like, a sex gimmick” to help ingratiate her with audiences.

After a tangent on the subject of sexually explicit rap—during which DJ Envy and Charlamagne suggested Coi’s father Benzino might not want to listen to some of her songs—they circled back to the discussion as Leray referred to the radio hosts as “dinosaurs” but said it’s not disrespectful. “Because it’s like, when you actually look at the history of a dinosaur, they have so many great things about them, right? And so many great things that they brought to this earth. But they’re so [extinct], like they’re so not here anymore, and you have to really dig deep to find that fossil.”

She also suggested the station doesn’t play Pusha-T, to which Charlamagne pointed out they’re planning to spin his new single with Jay-Z shortly. “We’re actually gonna play him today,” he said.

Coi conceded that she thinks Pusha-T is “fire,” but she’s “not listening” to him actively. “Pusha-T, don’t hate me because I love you, but he’s stuck on you, Pusha-T,” she said. “And now I’m about to come collab with you, and we’re gonna go crazy.”

One of the biggest songs set to appear on Leray’s album is “Blick Blick” featuring Nicki Minaj, but she was scared it wouldn’t come out when her father Benzino spoiled the collaboration before it was announced. He released a public apology after sharing the info on Clubhouse last month. Thankfully the single did actually come out, but she broke down the whole situation in her Breakfast Club interview.

“My dad is a great man, and I love him regardless of our differences,” she said at 11:30. “Dads get a little too crazy and over-excited. Me and my dad are still building our relationship, to be honest. When I speak to my dad, I’m like, ‘I just wanna tell you what’s going on.’ … I told him don’t say a word, I didn’t send it to him, though! I would never send him the song, I was like, ‘No no no, you ain’t getting this.’”

When she woke up to hear her dad unofficially revealed the collab, she was convinced Nicki would throw it out. “Dad, why would you say something like that?” she continued. “He was so hurt, I don’t know if I was more hurt that I felt like I lost the verse, or I felt like my father was humiliated and he was so proud, he was crushed.” When she got an opportunity to talk to Nicki, Coi explained her father acted on his own.

“She’s one of the main reasons I’m, like, team dad,” she said. “She made it very clear, ‘Regardless of what you’re going through, that’s your dad.’”

Watch the full interview above.

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