Chicago Judge Is Forcing R. Kelly to Let City Search Infamous Studio

With the accusations against R. Kelly brought to light thanks to Lifetime's 'Surviving R. Kelly' docuseries, an investigation into his studio has been launched.

R. Kelly

Image via Getty/Rick Kern

R. Kelly

With all the accusations against R. Kelly that were both brought to light and resurfaced thanks to Lifetime's explosive Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, a judge has granted a motion that will allow Chicago building instructors to investigate the recording studio that was featured in the series. Rolling Stone reports that Chicago's buildings department will access the studio to see whether he converted it into both a studio and living quarters without the proper permits to do so.

City law enforcement officials received an anonymous call earlier this week that claimed two people were living in the commercially zoned building, which is illegal. Chicago attorney Kimberly Roberts told the Chicago Tribune that "because of the issue of public safety, we need to get inside and assess what’s going on." It has been alleged that R. Kelly had "sex slaves" at the studio. If found guilty of supplying illegal living conditions, the disgraced singer will be fined $1000 for every day he rented the property, which could result in a hefty fine.

"The property is zone for commercial purposes only, so there shouldn't be anyone living there or having any kind of parties there," Roberts added. It is worth noting that Kelly reportedly had a party there on his birthday earlier this week. The studio is currently for sale for around $4 million, with listing company Berkshire Hathaway stating it is currently rented by a "high profile tenant." Kelly's lawyers have not objected to the motion.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kelly was being evicted from the studio for failing to pay his rent. 

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