R. Kelly Parties at Chicago Nightclub—Says He 'Doesn't Give a F*ck'

R. Kelly was out celebrating his birthday as crowds gathered around his studio.

r kelly protests
Image via Getty/Scott Olson
r kelly protests

R. Kelly went out to a Chicago nightclub while people were protesting him outside of his studio. 

The singer—who faces numerous allegations of abuse and renewed interest in his alleged sex cult after the airing of Lifetime's six part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly—was defiant in front of club crowds. Video posted to Twitter shows Kelly singing a snippet of his hit "Bump N' Grind" inside V75 before telling the crowd that he doesn't care about what was going on elsewhere in the city. 

"It's my motherfucking birthday and I don't give a fuck what's going on tonight," he told the crowd.

The proclamation came after Kelly ran through the intro to his hit while many people inside the club sang along. Chicago police met up with Kelly at the club after someone called in his location and said that there was a warrant out for his arrest. 

Police did talk with Kelly, per TMZ, but had to let him walk after they realized that the report of an arrest warrant was false. 

Elsewhere in the city, several dozen protestors were out against Kelly. CNN reports that activist Darletta Scruggs and Kendra G of WGCI Radio organized a rally against the singer outside of his studio

"People say why are we so upset? If you watch the docuseries, all six parts, you should be upset," Kendra G said. "Everybody should be upset. There are facts that you can't deny that were in that docuseries and if you watch all six parts ... and if you're in Chicago you should be with us here right now."

"His time is up. He is going to be held accountable, that there is a new generation of people who are not afraid to speak up," Scruggs added. "That we're no longer sweeping our dark secrets under the rug."

More footage from the night can be viewed below via Snapchat.

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