Cardi B Reflects on Losing Takeoff: 'I Can't Even Hear the Music'

"It doesn't go away," she said of the grief she and Offset have as a result of the late Migos rapper's death.

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Cardi B has admitted that she and Offset have really struggled since Takeoff was fatally shot last year.

During an interview on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Cardi B was asked about how she's found ways to support her husband and herself following the loss of Takeoff last year. "It's hard, it's still hard," she shared. "It doesn't go away. It just randomly comes... Just a thought, just the music. It really sucks that I can't even hear, like, the music."

Rosenberg asked how she feels when she hears his voice on record these days and if she's still in that space, and she replied, "And I'm pissed, I wanted niggas to die."

She said it's been especially hard because there's been "no closure" for her and Offset. "You know what it is, too... He was just such a good person," she continued. "The best person ever. So innocent."

Elsewhere in the interview, she was asked if she had anything to do with Offset and Quavo's reunion at the 2023 BET Awards earlier this year to pay tribute to Takeoff. "They came together on they own," she admitted. "That's them, that's their business." When the performance aired, fans were so happy about the Migos reunion, and Cardi shared the enthusiasm in a video cheering them on and a post on Twitter. “I can’t take it right now… proud of my boys,” she tweeted.

During an Instagram Live broadcast not long after the event, Offset said the whole thing came together last minute. We did the BET performance, man. It was iconic, man,” Offset said. “It cleared my soul. Me and my brother Quay, man, we put that together within, like, 16 hours​​​​​​​, like, 15 hours …We do that ’cause we’re some real stars. We do this music. We the greatest group to ever touch the mic. RIP my brother, Take. We did it for my brother Take. Me and Quay stood tall, brother to brother. And I appreciate everybody for supporting. It was a movie, it was a vibe. We needed that for the culture.”

The interview on Ebro in the Morning also came with an NSFW admission from Cardi, who suggested that Offset's Michael Jackson stomach tattoo can prove to be distracting when they get intimate.

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