Cardi B Calls Out Body Shamers: 'Leave My Rolls Alone'

Cardi B has taken to Instagram to call out anyone who dared to body shame her after she shared several pictures of herself in a bikini at home.

Cardi B

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Cardi B

Cardi B has been active on social media during the coronavirus pandemic, sharing everything from resources to support protesters across the country to more personal pictures with her family. During this time she's received her fair share of criticism, and now she's calling out anyone who dared to body shame her for sharing pictures of herself in a bikini.

In the video, which she shared alongside the caption "Leave my rolls alone," she said, "I have to do this video because I'm seeing y'all putting this edited Target picture of me looking like a motherfucking square." She continued, "So I have to do this video because yesterday I posted a picture too spicy, and the haters claimed that I was Photoshopping, so now I gotta show y'all this motherfucking body."

The post that caused some of her followers to allege Photoshopping was shared earlier this week. "No I know a bitch gained some weight," she added. "I had to make the thighs match the motherfucking ass. ... I know you bitches ain't talking when you shaped like seals and I know you ain't talking when y'all got sisters with bison backs and your mothers is shaped like walruses. ... I know you ain't body shaming me!"

She ended the video with something of a punchline, joking that she was sucking in her stomach. "Hold on, I'm actually holding it in," she said. "I ate breakfast, lunch, and some ice cream...hold on."

Watch what she had to say in her Instagram video above.

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