Boosie Badazz Threatens Cousin He Claims Stole $7,000 From Him: 'I’m Gonna Break His Jaw'

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz has threatened to break his cousin’s jaw after he allegedly stole $7,000 from him.

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In an interview with DJ VladBoosie Badazz threatened to break his cousin’s jaw after he allegedly stole $7,000 from the rapper.

“He went in my room and he stole. He took like seven bands,” said the 40-year-old of his cousin, known as Boosie Boy Munchie. “When I went up to my room, I had just left my room. When I went up to my room when I came back I saw, I had like $10,000 on the counter, I saw that my hundreds was gone. So I automatically went downstairs and [said], ‘Somebody went up and stole my shit. Call the cameraman to run the cameras back.’ But I had to wait five hours for him to come from where he was.” 

He said he didn’t reach out to Munchie before posting the video on Instagram late last year, and he’s not happy about the situation. “This my blood, when I see him I’m gonna break his jaw,” said Boosie, who added that he didn’t ask for the money back. “We gonna butch him as soon as we see him.”

Vlad pressed Boosie to confirm he’s not interested in the money, and he suggested violence would be the only way to handle the situation. “I wanna black your eye,” Boosie said. “Knock out one of your teeth or hurt you physically. … I’m gonna send you to the hospital, I’m gonna make you get stitches.”

He added at one point he was even considering cutting off his cousin’s little finger. “I was gonna cut his pinky off, but I can’t catch him. I can’t catch him. I’m steady getting drops on him though,” continued Boosie. “When I catch him I’m gonna take that chance of going to jail.”

Earlier this month, Boosie indicated he’s over doing club appearances after he’s more safely made money by appearing on podcasts. “[Podcasts are] way safer than that club, with all them guns in that bitch,” Boosie said during a livestream. “[I’m] in front of somebody who ain’t gon’ hurt me. I think y’all should be happy I’m doing podcasts. I’mma live long doing podcasts.”

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