Stepson of Billionaire on Titanic Submarine Slams Cardi B, Responds to OnlyFans Thirst Trap While Search Is Ongoing

The stepson of the billionaire who is a passenger on OceanGate's missing submarine took time to respond to criticism he received from Cardi B. He also replied to a thirst trap posted by an OnlyFans model as the search for the vessel continues.

Images via Getty: Ocean Gate/Handout/Anadolu Agency, Shareif Ziyadat, and Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto

Brian Szasz, the stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding, took time to respond to Cardi B for criticizing his attendance at a Blink-182 concert while his stepdad was lost at sea.

He also, as pointed out by TMZ, responded to a thirst trap that was posted by an OnlyFans model.

“What a pos trashy celeb,” Szasz wrote of Cardi. “Cardi B trying to get clout off me and my families [sic] suffering. I went to a Blink 182 concert for coping rather than sitting at home and watching the news. Shame on you Cardi get some class!”

He continued in another tweet, “Cardi B we know all of your latest releases are trash but is your career this desperate for attention now??”

To make matters worse, Szasz also quote-tweeted a thirst trap from an OnlyFans model, who shared a photo alongside the question, "Can I sit on u?"

In his response, which perhaps indicates he's forgotten his stepfather is currently lost at sea in a tin can, he wrote, "Yes please!"

Szasz faced criticism for sharing a post on Facebook about attending the Blink-182 concert in San Diego amid the search for his missing stepfather and four others.

"It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the Blink-182 show as it's my favorite band and music helps me in difficult times," he wrote on Facebook. Meanwhile, on Twitter, he made sure the members of the band were aware of who he was and that he was in attendance. Talk about priorities.

"Ay so one of the billionaires that's missing underwater, on the submarine shit... One of the billionaires, they stepson is at a concert, right, a Blink-182 concert" Cardi B said in her criticism of Szasz. "People was like, 'Uh what is he supposed to do, be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for him himself?' Yes. You supposed to be at the house sad. You supposed to be crying for me, you supposed to be right next to the phone waiting to hear any updates about me."

The search for the OceanGate Expeditions submersible craft, which went missing less than two hours into its journey to the Titanic shipwreck on Sunday, June 17, is ongoing as of Wednesday.

The most recent update on efforts to locate the submarine indicated that underwater "banging" sounds were detected by an aircraft involved in the search and rescue operation. Szasz clearly has other banging on the brain, though.

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