Bhad Bhabie Announces She's Pregnant

The 20-year-old was recently spotted out in Beverly Hills with a baby bump, and has now confirmed the news.

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Not long after she was spotted with a baby bump by paparazzi, rapper and OnlyFans creator Bhad Bhabie has confirmed she's expecting her first child.

In a post on Instagram without a caption, Bhad Bhabie shared two photos posing in front of a mirror. The 20-year-old recently wiped her account, with the only other image on her page showing her hanging out at a basketball game with boyfriend Le Vaughn.

Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, was recently asked if she was pregnant while out in Beverly Hills with Le Vaughn. She remained quiet when paparazzi approached her, indicating she perhaps wasn't ready to announce the news. She has yet to reveal how far along she is, or the sex of her child.

Earlier this year, she indicated she and Le Vaughn were getting serious when they unveiled their matching tattoos. Per TMZ, the couple debuted their ink in April. She got his name tattooed on the left side of her chest, and "1111" on her neck, which is a reference to Le Vaughn's birthday while also serving as a cover-up for an old piece. Meanwhile, he got her first and middle name tattooed on his neck. When some fans questioned the tattoos, Bhabie commented, "I love that man whether y'all like it or not, yall gonna talk regardless."

Last month, Bhad Bhabie showcased a monthly breakdown of her impressive OnlyFans earnings. She joined six days after turning 18 in 2021 and instantly garnered a huge subscriber base on the platform, which is typically used for adult content. In a screenshot, she showed that she earned an astonishing $18 million in her first month making content there.

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