Ari Lennox Disses Jermaine Dupri in Freestyle After Controversial Comments

Jermaine Dupri caught a lot of backlash after he made sexist remarks regarding women rappers.

Ari Lennox

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Ari Lennox

Jermaine Dupri caught a lot of backlash after he made sexist remarks about female rappers earlier this week. Cardi B was one of the first to respond to his comments about "strippers rapping." In response, Dupri announced his plans to "invest in a female who is out here hustling and making a name for herself" with the SoSoDef Female Cypher.

Many were quick to criticize the move, however, as many of Dupri's previous comments saw him critical of women who rapped about their sexuality.

Among those to respond to Dupri's cypher plans was Ari Lennox, who went on Instagram live to diss Dupri in a freestyle. Clearly having a lot of fun in the clip, laughing between lines, Lennox doesn't hold back and refers to Dupri as a "sexist prick."

She ended her impromptu diss with, "I don't got time for your trifling ass, I'll show you how the real players play in DC, motherfucker." 

Say it again @DojaCat❣️and don't forget @Official_Tink 😉

— Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapsmith) July 12, 2019

Doja Cat also responded to Dupri's comments by listing off some female rappers; Jada Pinkett Smith reposted the video.

women in hip hop don’t need representation/approval from men (ya cypher sounds more reactive than proactive). if u don’t have a fav artist that hits on the subjects u wanna hear, u could solve that wit a quick search & some support. plus, IF they do wanna talk about sex, they can

— black (@6LACK) July 12, 2019

Dupri, who said all female rappers are "rapping about the same things," might have good intentions with his cypher, but 6lack astutely pointed out why it's still an offensive move.

"Women in hip-hop don't need representation/approval from men," he said, labeling his cypher as "more reactive than proactive."

Dupri has yet to respond to the backlash against his cypher, which itself was a response to criticism he received.

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