Akon Says Plies Recorded and Leaked Track He Intended for Trick Daddy After Finding It in Email

In an appearance on 'Sway's Universe' last month, Akon claimed that South Florida rapper Plies stole a song he originally wrote for Trick Daddy.

This is a photo of Akon and Piles.

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This is a photo of Akon and Piles.

Akon has claimed that Florida rapper Plies stole a song he originally wrote for Trick Daddy.

During a recent interview on Sway’s Universe, Akon revealed that he originally wrote a version of what became “I Wanna Love You” for Trick Daddy. “I wrote this record, called ‘I Wanna Fuck you,’” he said. “It was originally supposed to be for Trick Daddy.”

His brother, Abou 'Bu' Thiam, told the rapper that he shouldn’t give the record away because it was clearly a hit. “I’m like, ‘This is gon’ be crazy.’ My lil brother Bu comes in the room and hears the record. ‘N***a, you crazy? You ain’t giving up this record,’” he continued. “I said, ‘Bu, trust me, this record we good I can make more.’”

At this point in time, he had already sent out the song to Trick Daddy, but he was busy touring at the time. “The record went to the Slip-n-Slide email. Plies picked the record up,” he said. “Plies ambushed that motherfucker.”

Plies released a bootleg version of the track with his verses attached, and Akon’s original explicit chorus. “Plies heard it off top but it wasn’t his. It didn’t matter, Plies took his voice—because I used to always sent my tracks with my chorus already on it—so all he had to do is put verses,” said Akon/ “He put the verses on it and leaked the record. The record becomes the biggest record in Florida satellite radio.”

Akon was eventually able to reclaim the song when he released it officially as “I Wanna Love You” featuring Snoop Dogg in 2006. It became his first No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but we never got to hear what Trick Daddy could’ve done with the record.

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