In a heated clip from the latest episode of DJ Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast, 6ix9ine said that late rappers Pop Smoke, King Von, and Nipsey Hussle were “caught lacking.”

With 6ix9ine once again releasing music, the controversial Brooklyn rapper stopped by the podcast alongside YouTuber Hassan Campbell and manager Wack 100. During a particularly loud shouting match, which can be seen in the clip above, 6ix9ine asked Campbell what he would have done in his situation. Of course, he’s alluding to his cooperation with authorities during the trial of the Nine Trey Gangsters. 

“Everybody gonna say they shoulda, woulda, coulda,” he said. “My respect to the West Coast…you never lacking, right? So what happened to the n***as that lacked? Let’s bring up Nipsey Hussle. You think he said, ‘Yo, n***as will never come up to me.’ … Yo bro, it happened to the best of them.” He continued to press Campbell about what makes him different from Nip, who was fatally shot in 2019. While he appeared to suggest that violence can happen to anyone, even the toughest of rappers, he then brought more late rappers into the conversation.

“Was Pop Smoke a stand tall n***a? … Was King Von a stand-up tall n***a? Why was he lacking?” he said. “So King Von is a solid n***a, and he got killed, right? … So King Von died lacking. King Von died lacking! Nipsey died lacking! Pop Smoke died lacking! So n***as can’t lack?” At this point 6ix9ine got even more animated, and started to pace around the room. “Gangstas die every day, n***a,” he added.

It’s not entirely clear what argument 6ix9ine was trying to make in the clip, but it appears as though he was attempting to defend his decision to cooperate with authorities. The conversation later shifted to the late American druglord Alpo Martinez, who 6ix9ine said did not get killed because he worked with authorities. 

6ix9ine further explained his thoughts on Instagram. “My point is for the people who don’t understand ‘I was lacking when shit happens to me’ it happens to the best of us TO THE BEST,” he wrote. “So why single me out?? when your favorite rapper gets caught lacking and doesn’t survive the situation they are never spoken down on .. I guess it’s just that it’s cool to hate on 69 now.. witch is cool idc but understand my point it’s not a math problem. It’s simple common sense.”

Watch the clip from the podcast and check out the whole thing via Spotify.