Rapper SkinnyFromThe9 Punches Fan Who Confronts Him About Being a 'Snitch'

After asking if the boy wants a photo with him, the Jersey rapper is then asked “when did you snitch on someone,” before he punches the fan in public.

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SkinnyFromThe9 wasn’t having it when a fan approached him and called him a “snitch” in public this week. 

The New Jersey rapper can be seen in a new viral video as he’s approached by a stranger. After asking if the boy wants a photo with him, Skinny is then asked “when did you snitch on someone,” before he sucker-punches the fan in the face. The fan can then be seen walking off with a grin.

#skinnyfromthe9 punched a fan pic.twitter.com/OuNLVYY9cU

— No Jumper (@nojumper) May 30, 2022

The boy who allegedly instigated the rapper took to his DMs on Instagram to threaten legal action after the altercation. As HotNewHipHop reports, Instagram user Drew Corleone hopped in Skinny’s DMs asking him to “slide tha bread” and claiming that he could “make a bag” off him. 

The Kid #Skinnyfromthe9 Punched For Calling Him a Snitch is Threatening to Snitch on Him 😂 pic.twitter.com/OVe0jiASOg

— No Jumper (@nojumper) May 30, 2022

“Yk u don’t want cops involved ur career and buzz ain’t the same as it was,” the boy wrote. “That money is super tighter than it was we can negotiate fr.”

As many have since pointed out on Twitter, the fan’s blackmail antics are unlikely to pan out given the nature of how he’s handling the situation, and Skinnyformthe9—who has his fair share of non-fan feuds— is already no stranger to fan run-ins. Back in 2019, someone assaulted the rapper at a restaurant after wanting to take a photo with him before running off. Skinny then claimed that “when you wanna fight somebody, you go up to them and n----s square up” where he’s from.

In 2020, as HNHH reported, he opened up about being shot and hospitalized, and shut down rumors that he did it himself for attention. 

“You know I really hate the internet,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “I really hate you mindless/ sheep following the crowd ass people/ can’t have a mind of your own. I got shot I really almost lost my life idgaf if it was just a ‘leg shot.’ I coulda been paralyzed it coulda hit an artery I’m blessed by god. But that’s besides the point.”

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