Here's Remy Ma's Response After Being Asked If She’d Reconcile With Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma shared where she currently stands with Nicki, years after the two got extremely personal with their diss tracks "ShETHER" and "No Frauds."

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Remy Ma has no problem with Nicki Minaj, or anybody for that matter. 

In a new interview with TMZ captured by producer Seleah Simone, Remy shared the sentiment when asked where she’s currently at with Nicki—years after the two last engaged in their subliminal-stacked beef. Specifically, she was asked if she’s “might be looking to possibly reconcile.”

“I don’t have any issues with anybody,” Remy said with a big smile and laugh. “I been chillin’.”

The two rappers butted heads with what many thought were subliminal shots from Nicki back in 2007, and later during a meeting at a mixtape release party. Those snowballed into several back-and-forths in the mid-2010. Remy’s brutal, extensive 2017 diss “ShETHER” saw her ask of Minaj’s brother—who in 2020 got 25 years to life on child rape charges—“You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul/How you spendin’ money to support a pedophile?” Nicki’s response on “No Frauds” was equally personal, rapping about Remy’s prison stint, “What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack?/What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?”

Two years after that exchange, Remy told Hollywood Unlocked she dropped the song because she felt “no women are going to be able to succeed as long as this is how it is,” regarding comments she heard behind the scenes about Nicki. Ma added that they’d reached an agreement in 2014 that they wouldn’t exchange jabs, adding she felt they were “not gon’ let it get to us and I thought that’s where we was at.”

Now Remy says her focus is on motherhood, family, and enjoying her career. While she didn’t speak on Nicki any more than the quick response to TMZ, she did share a message with Rihanna and ASAP Rocky on the announcement of Riri’s pregnancy. As Remy put it, the names of both parents-to-be start with an R, so it would make sense to follow suit with their baby.

Remy Ma also opened up about women in entertainment like Cardi B balancing motherhood, and how so many have been able to accomplish the balancing act. While her own experiences haven’t been a walk in the park, Remy said “you just make it happen” if you’re passionate enough. 

“[Rihanna] is a mom-to-be,” she said. “She’s amazing. You have the Cardi B’s of the world. You have myself. You have so many women that, sometimes it’s hard because we’re made to think that we can’t to it, but women can do everything. We wear all the hats. We run things. We run the world. … It’s hard, it’s still hard. My baby, she just turned three. My husband, he’s my second baby, and we have a dog now, too, so it’s like I have three kids in my house. But you make it work. When you love something like I love my career, and you’re passionate about it, you just make it happen.”

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